ICAN is the Institute that promotes the interests of its members and the Accounting Profession as a whole. Membership of ICAN is a requirement to use the designation CA(NAM). Though ICAN is not a regulator, it has the power to sanction members for non-compliance with the IESBA Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants. This power is subject to the investigation and disciplinary role of the Public Accountants and Auditors Board (“PAAB”) where the relevant ICAN member is also registered with the PAAB.

In terms of it’s constitution the Institute endeavours to:

  • promote the common interest of persons carrying on the accounting profession throughout Namibia.
  • advance the theory and practice of accountancy in all its aspects.
    preserve at all times the professional independence of members of the accounting profession.
  • strive for a high standard of professional conduct and to preserve and maintain the integrity and status of the accounting profession in Namibia.
    encourage growth in the accounting profession in Namibia.

Fenni Nghikevali

Chief Executive Officer

Fenni Serves as the Chief Executive Office of the Institute. She joined the institute in February 2020 as the Professional Development Executive until her appointment as the CEO of the Institute in January 2023. She is a registered Chartered Accountant and Auditor with the Public Accountants and Auditors Board and a member of the Namibian Institute of Corporate Governance. 

Fenni has over 12 years of management and leadership experience in various industries. With an underlying passion for professional development and human capital management, Fenni has obtained a Certificate in Human Resource Management from the University of Capetown. As part of her social responsibility, fenni offers mentorships to young adults and delvers motivational talks on various platforms.  

Esther Omoregie

Technical & Finance Manager

Esther Omoregie is an experienced and highly skilled Manager in the Audit profession with experience in numerous client industries. A qualified Chartered Accountant and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Namibia (ICAN). Esther has gained adequate knowledge and skills in the accounting profession through her experience in audit as well as international experience while working briefly in The Netherlands.

Esther has also obtained a Certificate in Project Management from the University of Cape Town which assists her in her role to manage her various technical and finance responsibilities.

Wilna Van Tonder

Operations Manager

Wilna van Tonder is a highly skilled Operations Manager renowned for her exceptional leadership and strategic vision. With extensive experience in managing complex operational workflows, Wilna excels in optimizing processes and driving efficiency. Her proactive approach and keen problem-solving abilities ensure seamless coordination across departments, leading to enhanced productivity and performance.

Leigh-Ann Le Clus

Finance & Administration

Leigh-Ann Le Clus is a seasoned financial administrator with a proven track record of excellence in administering financial operations and strategies. With a keen eye for detail and analytical mindset, she navigates the Institutes financial landscape with precision. Leigh-Ann’s dedication to integrity and strategic acumen enable her to drive organizational success through sound financial administration practices. 

Salinthe Tsaraes


Salinthe Tsaraes is an accomplished secretary known for her exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail. With a strong background in administrative support, Salinthe efficiently manages day-to-day tasks and ensures smooth operations within the office environment. Her proactive approach and excellent communication abilities make her a valuable asset in coordinating schedules, facilitating meetings, and maintaining records. 

Silas Shiimbi

Marketing Assistant

Silas Shiimbi is the force behind the marketing efforts as the Digital Marketing Assistant. With expertise in Graphic and New Media Design, Silas crafts visually compelling content and leverages digital platforms adeptly. His commitment to innovation ensures impactful strategies in driving growth and engagement. As a one-person marketing team, Silas is poised to make a significant impact in the digital landscape.

The ICAN Council sets the strategy and oversees the effective management of the Institute.


Cameron Kotze


Veneranda Mahindi

Council Member Tax Committee Chair

Hartmuth van Alphen

Council Member

Julia Engels

Council Member

Hannes van den Berg

Council Member

Oscar Capelao

Co-opted Council Member Examination and Education Committee Chair

Gavin Frey

Co-opted Council Member Training and Development Committee Chair

Johan Lourens

Co-opted Council Member

Martin Shaanika

Co-opted Council Member

Willemien Gertze

Co-opted Council Member

Tom Newton

Council Member

Jason Hailonga

Council Member

Claretta Gamses

Given the limited staff resources of the Institute, the Council and the Secretariat are reliant on the activities of the committees that have been established. These committees, in turn, are dependent on members and non-members who volunteer their time and in may cases the time of their employees to do the work of the Committees.

Accounting and Auditing Standards Committee (AASC)

Key Mandate
To create a forum for discussion of technical issues and matters relating to accounting and auditing faced by ICAN members, other relevant accounting bodies and the Public Accountants’ and Auditors’ Board.

Mr. H Van Den Berg (Chair), Ms. A Van Coller, Mr. J Cronjé, Mr. A Musarurwa, Ms. C Penderis, Mr. R Grant, Mr. C Hendriks, Mr. J Coetzee, Mr. B Vente, Mr. U Wolff, Ms. M Namupala, Mr. J Mandy, Ms. S Rosado, Ms. O Abiatal, Mr. M Tjiueza, Mr. R Ludwig, Mr. K Du Toit, Ms. N Coetzer, Mr. N Veyele, Ms. A Museler.

Key Mandate
To consider credible complaints received from the Professional Conduct Advisory Committee as well as the Secretariat and hold Disciplinary Hearings as appropriate. The Disciplinary Committee has the power to sanction any members found guilty of a punishable offense.

Mr. S van Blottnitz (chairperson)

Key Mandate
To assist ICAN in discharging its duty to ensure that students who are on their journey to be registered as Chartered Accountants in Namibia obtain the right quality of educational resources and fair examination opportunities.

Mr. G Frey (Chair), Ms. E Heyns, Mr. U Wolff, Ms. M Cloete, Ms. W Gertze, Ms. O Nghaamwa, Mr. D Pokolo, Ms. A Fourie.

Key Mandate
To influence and assist stakeholders with, and advise on, critical issues relating to the setting of standards, guidance, and practices in the following areas, relating to the public sector.

Mr. M Shaanika (Chair), Ms. V Katjiuongua , Mr. M Kahona, Ms. V Naundobe, Ms. M Likoro, Mr. M Gariseb, Mr. L Matthews, Mr. J Swartz, Ms. E Brown, Ms. M Maletzky, Mr. J Mnyupe, Mr. J Hailonga, Mr. D Pokolo, Ms. D Heydenrych, Mr. M Gotore, Ms. W Hangue, Ms. V Mahindi, Mr. S Mutonga, Ms. E Herbst, Ms. M Maswahu.

Key Mandate
To consider credible complaints received and where appropriate, lodge a formal complaint with the Disciplinary Committee.

Mr. T Newton (chairperson) Note: the members of this Committee will be different for each case.

Key Mandate
To be influential on decisions made by stakeholders in Namibian tax matters, particularly in respect of decisions made by the Ministry of Finance, the Inland Revenue Department and Parliament, to improve outcomes for the Namibian public and ICAN’s members.

Mr. Hartmuth Van Alphen (Chair), Ms. Gerda Brand, Mr. Never Muleya, Ms. Adeline Beukes, Mr. Arne Stier, Mr. Robert Grant, Mr. Cameron Kotze, Mr. Friedel Janse Van Rensburg, Mr. Pierre Knoetze, Mr. Milton Eiseb, Ms. Caroline Matthee, Ms. Chantell Husselmann, Ms. Anneri Lück, Mr. Johan Nel, Mr. Simon Steyn, Ms. Mercy Kuzeeko, Mr. Heinrich Jansen Van Vuuren, Mr. Kai Friedrich.

Key Mandate
To assist ICAN in discharging its duty to ensure that persons who qualify to be registered as Chartered Accountants in Namibia, possess the necessary levels of training, professional development and professional acumen.

Mr. J Lourens (Chair), Mr. S Ndahangwapo, Mr. V Mugabo, Mr. U Wolff, Ms. W Gertze, Mr. G Heyns, Mr. R Maartens , Ms. K Britz, Ms. P Fisher.

Key Mandate
The Special Concessions Committee is established to assess the applications for special concessions for candidates writing the professional examinations.

Ms. W van Tonder (Chair), Mr. J Maass, Mr. R Maartens, Dr. L Bezuidenhout, Ms. C Menette.

Key Mandate
To assist ICAN in discharging its duty to promote the Chartered Accountancy as a career choice in Namibia and to drive certain projects and initiatives that impact the pipeline of the CA profession, including the promotion of the CA brand amongst the

Ms. W Gertze (Chair), Ms. D Hamalwa, Ms. E Itumba, Ms. J Shipahu, Ms. L Pretorius, Ms. R Faul, Ms. J Brits, Ms. E Amakali, Mr. D Haimbodi, Mr. W Wentzel, Ms. M Kamudyariwa, Mr. S Keil.